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Barefoot Promotions is comprised of four Antiguan young men eager to make a

positive impact on our Twin Island State. Three years ago, they decided to

make a bold entrance into the carnival realm via a T-Shirt mas troupe. Their

core belief was always to provide a package that left the users joyful,

regardless of what it took to do so. It was and still is important to them to

maintain and improve upon the quality of service year after year.


After their second year, they started toying with the idea of a Monday, Tuesday

Mas troupe, mostly making jokes about it and how they’d go about it if they

did. Then came some their friends, patrons and family members with the same

suggestion. Their decision was primarily based on the few options available.

Many Mas troupes had unfortunately fallen off over the years and they used this

opportunity to not only bring a fresh face but also a product that was truly

customer centric. 


As a result of this core belief, they would not accept anything less. A phrase that has been reiterated within their team, to their committee members and to their service providers. Their hope is to provide lasting memories and build camaraderie without sacrificing the experience.

Barefoot Promotions is Stepping Out and leaving their footprint.

Barefoot Carnival

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